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Monday nights are now officially the best nights for TV so make sure the fridge is stocked and the schedules are clear. The elder Hough has been linked to a lot of ladies in his time, probably why poor Reed is being labeled as just a "new hookup" in Us Weekly's words. His history will say yes, but only if you believe that being photographed together constitutes a relationship.Actress Reed is the latest to be linked with Hough, following a split from her husband earlier this month.But despite reports of PDA between her and Hough, a source insists the two are just friends. She became pregnant in mid-2014 and likely married her husband sometime before. Joanna fondly recalls her first date with Tyrell, where he promised to do anything for her and delivered.I think Derek Hough is just a friendly guy which is of course going to land him with a million dating rumors.But that's been happening for years and it doesn't seem to phase him, so good for you, Derek!

Changing light fixtures is a small change but it can make a huge difference in a room. We painted the walls a gorgeous subdued colour of grey called Mist from the washable flat collection at Cloverdale Paint.Nikki and Julianne are good friends, and she has hung out with Derek a few times through her.They're having fun but it's nothing serious." I can totally buy the "just friends" story because Hough seems to be friends with everyone including all his exes.She joins him for dinner with Scott and his wife Sharon.Joanna makes pleasant conversation with them, although she sneaks a glass of wine when no one is looking.

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