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By 1736 Afsharid ruler, Nadir Shaw, gained control of the region. Later that year Ahmad Durrani was elected king by a council of tribal leaders.

During the 1760s, Ahmad Shah Durrani extended Afghanistan’s borders into part of India.

It remains a source of major instability in the region till today.

A map of Afghanistan, published in 1893, the year Abdur Rahman Khan and Sir Mortimer Durand agreed to mark the boundary between Afghanistan and British India.

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In 1856 the Anglo-Persian War broke out and the Qajar Dynasty took Herat back into its control.In 1803, another brother Shah Shuja reigned after replacing Mahmud.Mahmud forced Shuja to flee in 1809 and remained king until he was driven from the throne in 1817.the shadow of the north (meaning = Russia) must not extend over the wells of power.Britain realized during World War II that the one who controls the oil fields controls the destiny of many nations.

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